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We are at an epochal turning point.

Climate change, resource overuse and technological quantum leaps (digitalization etc.) are transforming markets, society and our planet. Larger and faster steps are required to preserve a livable ecosystem in which people, nature and economy can prosper. But to achieve that a real transformation towards sustainability is needed.

Anticipating the necessary changes and translating them together with our customers into groundbreaking, sustainable innovations is our mission.

game changers

Once in a while a vision makes a difference. When answering significant latent needs, anticipating upcoming trends and synthesizing state-of the art technology a vision can change our perspectives and consumer behavior sustainably. And with that it changes the success factors of an existing market or even creates an entirely new one.

Examples …


Portrait of Johannes Scherr, Lutz Kucher and Michael Lanz

„Successful, sustainable business requires vision, courage and the will to change.“

Passionate Explorers:

Johannes Scherr, Lutz Kucher and Michael Lanz.

Together we are transform. We have joined forces for this project because we have a common concern: To join our forces for a sustainable future!

All three of us are internationally renowned designers, winners of numerous innovation awards and passionately contribute to the success of our customers. Our many years of experience as lecturers at various educational institutions in the field of industrial design and sustainability rounds off our expertise. With our large network of old hands and young talents created over the years, we form an alliance to bring about the urgent change as quickly as possible. To do this, we need to rethink innovation. We are taking our cue from technological developments (AI, connectivity, digitalization, etc.) what creates real added value – and leave out what is not good for us. For the Circular Economy, for people and for the planet.

Let's transform!

„Successful, sustainable business requires vision, courage and the will to change.“

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